Covid in Italy

The latest Covid news out of the country

The vaccination campaign has picked up. And the numbers are improving. Here are the latest developments from the country.

Covid in Italy

There is a lot of buzz and noise. So, how is the situation of Covid in Italy?

Experiments at the clubs

The Silb-Fipe is the national association of businesses and entertainment. And it made an explosive proposal to the Italian government. The idea is to use two nightclubs as an experiment to check on the clubs and the possibility of reopening.

One is the Fabric in Milan, while the second is the Praia in Gallipoli, Puglia. One is indoors, while the other is outdoors. How does the proposal work?

The first one in the experiment is the Praia, on June 5th. During that day, 2000 people will enter, but only if they have the Covid green pass. After leaving the club, they will have to take a Covid test. This is the outdoor venue, while Milan will experiment indoors. Maurizio Pasca is the president of Silb-Fipe.

“We offer our availability to the Italian government,” Pasca said, “to organize an open day for the vaccines in the clubs too. This way, the vaccination campaign can reach younger people.” Of course, the two venues will need gazebos and outdoors spaces, but the national association is ready to discuss all the demands of the government.

Next goal: the curfew against Covid in Italy

For now, the curfew is set at 11 PM, but many businesses aren’t happy about it. Especially the ones that work in tourist destinations or clubs. They are asking the close later and to change the current restrictions. Soon, they might get their wish.

In fact, every prediction confirms that summer will be busy. Italians are looking to travel and to get to know their country. While foreigners are ready to rediscover the Bel Paese. Since the numbers of the contagion are improving, the prospect of a later curfew is real to fight Covid in Italy.

”We can move forward with a cautious trust,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza, “we trust we can gradually reopen businesses, always with the right precautions.”

Covid in Italy, the white regions

Throughout the pandemic, the Italian government has divided the country in colorful labels. Red for the regions with the most deaths and contagions, then orange, and finally yellow. The white status was almost a utopia. Until June, 7th, 2021 when three more Italian regions will go white.

Starting from June 1st, three regions are already white: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sardegna, and Molise. By mid June, hopefully they will be reached by Abruzzo, Veneto, and Liguria. In the white zones, there is no curfew. But people still need to wear a mask at all times and to respect the rules of social distancing.

Back in business?

Due to Covid in Italy, the industry of the wedding and their planners took a major hit. Not only for destination weddings, but also for Italians looking to tie the knot. It seems like the crisis is almost over. In fact, from June 15th, people will be able to marry if they have the green pass, the vaccination, or a negative test. Hence, no wedding crushers.

The reopening for the hospitality industry has been slow and full of obstacles. Finally, at the beginning of May, restaurants and bars could open. Only the ones with outdoors seating area. But, from June 1st, these venues will be able to host people inside too. A huge step forward to begin summer with the right foot.

There are new updates every two weeks. As the government looks at restarting the economy and normal life, restrictions and rules are bound to change. Hopefully for the better.

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1 year ago

It’s a good new, the life is coming back slowly 🙂

1 year ago

To open vaccination in the club is a good idea, i think to push the young people to take the vaccine this is the kind of action they need to do