Shopping in Umbria

Umbria – Horses Galloping Across the Piano Grande

Umbria is a small region in Italy, made up of mountains, valleys, and smaller towns rather than large cities. Picturesque and known for its rural beauty, the region–which boasts a population of less than 1 million–offers many small towns and villages to visit and shop in.

Typical Products

Umbria is famous for its many good vineyards, which produce excellent quality wines like Rosso di Montefalco and Torgiano. Umbria is also known for its black truffles from Valnerina, which produces 45% of Italy’s black truffles. In Umbria, the food industry produces many products like pasta, processed meats and pork and other preserved food items such as cheese, lentils and the aforementioned truffles. The region is also known for its ornamental ceramics, sportswear, clothing and textiles.

Anyone visiting Umbria will want to sample the region’s typical sausages, cold cuts and salamis. Mazzafegati is one locally produced sausage made from pig’s liver that is available in a spicy or a sweet version. The sweet sausages are made with sugar, orange peel and raisins. Capocollo sausage is another that shouldn’t be missed. Made with large amounts of pepper and garlic, capocollo is made from pig’s head.

Outdoor Shopping

The best shopping in Umbria is found outdoors in traditional markets. In most towns and some villages flea markets and open air markets are well kept traditions. Shoppers can find good quality locally made products and handicrafts at very low prices.

Perugia – Main Square

In the town of Perugia, famous for its chocolate, a large market is held in the Palazzo della Prefettura on the last weekend of every month. This market boasts good quality ceramics for everday home use and even precious ornamental pieces. These traditional ceramics are decorated with bright colors and patterns and have been made the same way for centuries. Shoppers interested in antique jewelery should also think of visiting this market.

In Bastia Umbra a large market dedicated to the four seasons of Italy is held in March, June, September and December. The market has fifty or sixty stands where visitors can find a number of small everyday items sold at very low prices.

Another good market for shoppers to visit is the one held in Castiglione del Lago, held on the third Saturday of every month from April to September in the Piazza Gramsci. This is a good market for those who are interested in purchasing locally made ceramics and archery equipment.

Every year in March in the town of Todi there is a large market that brings antique dealers from all over the country. These dealers sell everything from paintings and furniture to rugs, ceramics and bronze figurines. Other interesting markets to visit are held in the towns of Gubbio, Cittá di Castello, Narni, Pissignano and Spoleto.

Expensive, Rare and Famous Black Truffles

Shopping in Perugia

Perugia is the capital of Umbria and quite a large town. In Perugia visitors can purchase a lot of unique items the represent the region. The old quarter of the town has many good shops where visitors can find high quality ceramic pieces and there are also many souvenier shops in the town that sell gift items.

In Perugia visitors should purchase local textiles and fabrics since these are available at inexpensive rates. Other items not to be missed are good quality Umbrian wines and food products like sausages, ham, cold cuts and olive oil.

Of course, no visit to Perugia would be complete without sampling some delicious chocolate! Visitors can tour the Perugina Chocolate Factory and once a year the city also hosts a Chocolate Festival for the chocoholic traveler.

Shopping in Terni

Terni is a quaint town that offers traditional shopping rather than big international brands and fashion stores. Most shops carry local brands and the best things to purchase in the city include good quality fabrics, clothing items, shoes, bags and accessories. Leather products are also available in a few shops.

The town also offers many opportunities to purchase beautiful ceramics as well as delicious food products like local cheeses and traditional pastries.

Assisi – Street, City Center

Shopping in Assisi

The town of Assisi draws tons of visitors due to its religious and historical importance. In recent years plenty of stores have opened up in the area as a response to the heavy tourist activity. If you are looking for the best prices avoid the tourist-centric stores in the center of town.

In Assisi visitors can find plenty of shops that sell locally made items like ceramics, sculptures, paintings and handicrafts. Many specialty stores even sell special antique items like medieval weapons and tools.

While in Assisi don’t forget to check out the locally made chocolates and embroidered products. Shoppers interested in religious items will also not be disappointed. The best place to purchase religious items is a gift store located behind the famous Basilica of Saint Francis.

Whether shopping at an open air market, purchasing chocolate in Perugia, or selecting an antique item in Assisi the beautiful Umbria region offers a wide variety of options for the visitor who prefers to spend some time in the stores.

Shopping Outlet in Umbria, Italy

Clothes, Sports shops, Accessories, Shoe shops, House & Home, Gastronomy, Lingerie shops

*All shops closed on Sundays unless otherwise indicated



D.O.C. Arnaldo Caprai
Via Flaminia Km 148
Tel, 07-42392531
Foligno (Pg)
Everyday 930-730
Discounts 30%-50%

Ample assortments of twin sets, clothes, scarves, hats and cashmere skirts and cashmere mixed with Caprai and Cruciani silk.


Kickers Store
Via Gargarin, 1
Tel 07-55173547
Corciano, Fraz. Ellera (Pg)

Mon-Sat 10-1 \ 4-8
Highway A1, exit Val di Chiana, follow to highway Bettole-Perugia in the direction for Perugia. Exit at Corciano
Discounts from 40%

This shop carries its majority of shoes for children; Kickers, Sultanino, and Zanotti. They also have a section of shoes for both men and women. You’ll find a high selection from collections of the last season. And during sales in Italy (January & July) you’ll find the optimum promotions!

Nazareno Gabrielli

Via Dell’Artigianato, 2
tel. 07-5985468
Forgiano (Pg)
Tues-Sat 9-1230 \ 330-730
Discounts 30-50%

They are specialized in leather products. A fine selection of past collections at 30% off. They offer clothing and accessories for men and women. Sunglasses, helmets, and gloves for motorcyclists. Women’s handbags and luggage bags from 80 euro

Fabiana Filippi
Via Buozzi, 90 Industrial Zone
Tel 07-4296991
Giano dell’Umbria (Pg)
Highway A1, exit at Perugina, and head in the direction of Bastardo. With the Superstrada highway Firenze-Perugia, exit at Monefalco, and follow signs for Perugia
Discounts of 50%

Noble fibers, cashmere, silk, wool, and cotton for the warmest sweaters. Classic styles for men. Sets and tops for women. Last years collections arrive at 50% discounts.

Luisa Spagnoli
Località S. Lucia Sobborghi
Tel 07-540158
Tues-Sat 9-1 \ 330-730 Mon evenings 330-730
Superstrada highway Firenze-Perugia, exit Madonna Alta, and follow in the direction of the stadium
Discounts of 30-70%

Elegant clothing for women. Dresses for ceremonies sizes from 42-52. Last year’s prices are cut in half and those from two years ago are 70% off.
Embroidered coats crafted by hand at 80 euro, or tailored in wool with fur collars at 200 euro.

Brunello Cucinelli
Piazza Carlo Alberto della Chiesa, 6
tel. 07-5529481
Solomeo (Pg)
Mon-Fri 9-1230 \ 330-630 Saturdays 9-1230
Highway A1, raccordo Bettollo-Perugia exit on Corciano
Discounts 10-30%
One of the prestigious shops for “Made in Italy.” Items available here; tops sweaters and cashmere jackets for men and women, all of high quality.


Viale San Sisto, 207
Tel 07-552761
San Sisto (Pg)
Mon-Fri 9-1 \ 2-530 Sat &Sun closed
Discounts 15-20%
Famous brand of chocolates, the most famous in Italy. Shop is located near Perugina’s Historical Museum. Specialties include “Baci”

House & Home

Mastro Raphaèl
Località Santo Chiodo, 161
Tel 07-43230859
Spoleto (Pg)
Mon-Fri 9-1230 \ 2-7 Saturdays 9-7
Discounts 30-50%

This shop is from the most aristocratic lingerie firm established in 1966 from the creativity of Mario Arcangeli. Items include sheets sets with the famous bees, linen, travel pillows , carpets, silk curtains, embroidered down comforters and items from the previous year at a 30% discount.

Ubaldo Grazia Maioliche

Via Tiburtina, 181
tel 07-5710201
Deruta (Pg)
Mon-Fri 9-1\230-630- Saturday 9-1
On the E45 exit Deruta Sud
Save 30-50%

Factory of Majolica coming back from the 1500’s. They produce antique objects at high quality. Items for the home include; Mugs, tea sets, servers, plates and herbal medicine vases*.

Tessitura Pardi

Via Ringhiera Umbra, 25
Tel 07-42378119
Montefalco (Pg)
Mon-Sat 930-1 \ 3-730 Sunday 10-1 \ 3-730
Discounts of 30-50%

Historical brand linens for the home. Active since 1949. Items for sale; tableware, tablecloths in linen and cotton in classic Umbrian & American styles

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