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Shopping in Piedmont

Piedmont on the Italian map

The region of Piedmont in Italy is spread over an area of 25,399 sq km and has a population of around 4.4 million. The region is surrounded by Alps on three sides. It shares a border with France and Switzerland the regions of Aosta Valley, Liguria and Lombardy. The region has quite fertile land, because of which agriculture in the region is of high quality.

The main products that are grown in the region are cereals, maize and fruits. The region’s economy is also highly dependent on cattle breeding because of which it has plenty of good varieties of cheese. One of the most important products of Piedmont is wine. More than half of its vineyards have been given the DOC designations. The region is known to be one of the best wine growing regions in Italy. It produces some of the most famous wines like Barberesco and Barolo, Moscata d’Asti, Asti Spumante etc. the wines in the region are made from grapes like Brachetto, Grignolino, Freisa, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo.

Wines and Cheeses

Piedmont – Gorgonzola Cheese

The most popular products in Piedmont are without a doubt wines and cheeses. The region has a long tradition in dairy farming. There are many good varieties of cheeses for which Piedmont has been famous. Some of the cheese varieties that are available in the region have been produced since Middle Ages. The most well known cheese from the region is the Gorgonzola cheese. In all, there are seven cheeses in the region which have been designated DOP.

The Bettelmat cheese is cooked or semi-cooked and is produced only in the summer months. The Bra of Alpeggio DOP is a very fine cheese. It is produced from the milk of Piedmont cows which are raised with great care. The Bra hard or tender DOP is a semi-fat cheese which is made from cow’s milk to which goat milk is then added. Another good cheese to purchase while in the region is Cachat which is made from goat’s milk to which leek infusion or juniper distillate is added along with salt.

The most important cheese of the region is the Castelmagno DOP, named after the town of the same name where it has been produces since centuries. The cheese has been famous all over Europe since centuries. It is made from vaccine milk to which goat milk and ovine are added. The taste of the cheese is quite peculiar because of the kind of grass on which the cattle breeds. Another very famous cheese of the region is Gorgonzola DOP. Visitors can purchase a pungent or a tender version of the cheese from the food stores.

Piedmont – Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

Piedmont is also famous for its wines, with its plenty of vineyards that produce some of the most well known grapes in Italy. Many of the wines of the region have been popular in Italy since decades, some of which had been mentioned above.

Outdoor Shopping in Piedmont

There are few good outdoor markets and flea markets which are held every month or annually in Piedmont. Though, not as famous as some of the other regions of Italy, the outdoor markets in Piedmont are still worth visiting since they offer plenty of good opportunities for visitors to find good products that have been locally made at low prices.

In Casale Monferrato the market is held on the second Sunday of every month in Piazza Castello. In Asti it is on the fourth Sunday each month. In the town of Mondovi, the market takes place in Piazzale Ellero on the fourth and the second Sunday for every month. Turin is the main city in the Piedmont region. The markets in Turin take place in piazza Borgo Dora on the second Sunday each month. This market mostly has antiques and handicraft items along with several other knick-knacks. Every Saturday in Turin, in the same location there is a market where visitors can find plenty of used items on sale.

Shopping in Turin

Turin is not a place for purchasing fashion brands like Rome or Milan, but there are many good shopping opportunities in the city for visitors. Visitors can purchase many food items and wines in the city. The Via Roma is the city has a few upscale brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Hermes and also some not so expensive brand stores like Zara and Benetton. There are also quite a lot of bookstores in this area.

Piedmont – Turin – Via Po – Photo courtesy of Franco56/Wikipedia

Via Po is a good location to purchase records, clothes and accessories under arcades. In Via Pietro Micca there are many good upscale shops. There is also one of the three outlets of Frav which sells trendy clothes and is very popular among the locals of the city. In Via Lagrange visitors would find a large shopping center and a department store. The neighborhood of Quadrilatero Romano is quite trendy. This is known to be the oldest part of the city and was once considered to be an unsafe area. However, now there are plenty of good designer shops like Marcopolo and many other good stores like Born in Berlin and Autospie Vestimentaire where visitors can purchase good clothes and accessories. This area also has plenty of good bars and cafes.

One of the best places to visit in Turin is the Porta Palazzo which is located in Piazza della Republica. This is the largest open air market in all of Europe and should definitely not be missed by tourists. The market functions every day from six in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. In this market visitors would be able to find almost anything they can think of. Hundreds of vendors line the road and sell many products like clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, books, handicrafts and even antiques.

Piedmont – Turin – Porta Palazzo – Mercatino delle Pulci

Turin is also a great place to purchase good food items like the famous Piedmont wines or one of the many good cheeses which are produced in the region. Most food stores also have good quality extra virgin olive oil.

Shopping Outlets in Italy : Piedmont

Clothes, Sports shops, Accessories, Shoe shops, House & Home, Gastronomy, Lingerie shops, Kids

*All shops closed on Sundays unless otherwise indicated


Strada Statale 85, Venafrana, loc. Roccaravindola
Tel 08-65460456
Montaquila (Is)
Tues-Sun 1030-730
Highway (Autostrada) A1 exit at San Vittore or Caianello going in the direction of Isernia and Venafro
Save 40%

Shopping at IT Holding sells collections by; Gianfranco Ferrè, Extè, D&G, Versus, Versace Jeans Couture, Cavalli, Costume Nationale. Collections for men and women all items from the previous season.

Via Casazza,7
Tel 01-63209416
Borgosesia (Vc)

Tues-Sun Mondays 3-7
From Borgosesea pass the bridge of Sesia
Save 50%

Noted producers of cashmere, alpaca and silk and yarn of high quality.
A rich choice of clothing and accessories in which discounts can reach 75% off. They carry scarves and wrap ups from 70-120 euro. One corner dedicates itself to selling materials. You may even find wool and cotton from 30 euro a yard and cashmere from 75 euro a yard.

Carrera Jeans

Via Torino,168
Collegno (To)
Tel 01-14037727
Mon- Sat 9-12:15 \ 3.7
Take A5 to the tangenziale Nord-sud o f Torino and exit at Collegno. The shop is located south of the cavalcavia of the railway station
Save 39%

Here you’ll find their noted Carrera jeans,that may have some minor defects made during the manufacturing process. They offer; tops, sweatshirt material items, coats, and accessories for men, women and children


Frazione Cavallo Bianco
Tel 01-41601375
Robella d’Asti (At)
Mon-Thurs. 3-7 Fridays 9-1, Saturdays and Sundays 9-730
Take the SS590 towards Chivasso
Save 30-50%

Leather items for both men and women in two lines; Studio Conbipel and Esisto

Diffusione Tessile (Max Mara)

Corso Francia 313
Tel 01-14157840
Collegno (To)
Tues-Sat 10-730 Mondays 330-730
Tangenziale exit corso Francia and after one kilometer on the right from Torino which runs across Corso Francia, follow indications for Collegno
Save 50%

Designer Max Mara’s collections from previous seasons
Items include; coats, taileur, jackets, suits and skirts of optimum quality. There is a large assortment of sizes and colors.

Fila Factory Outlet

Viale Cesare Battisti , 28
Tel 01-523138
Mon-Sat 930-1230 \ 3-730
Save 30%
A rich assortment of sporty items; from ski to gymnastics jogging clothes and scarves

Fratelli Piacenza
Regione Cisi
Tel 01-56191230
Pollone (Bi)
Tues-Sat 10-7 Mondays 2-7 Sundays only from October-December (10-7)
Save 20-40%

The Piacenza Company still in business from 1733. A knitwear shop carrying high quality yarns and sweaters of cashmere, alpaca, fleeced llama, camel, and wool. They also carry jackets, coats and clothing.

Fred Perry

Via Antica per Benna, 1
Tel 01-52556411
Verrone (Bi)
Tues-Sun 915-1230\ 3-645 Mondays 3-645
Highway-Autostrada A4 exit Carisio, at the cross section of Verrone Beta turn right
Save 30-40%

Direct sales from the Fred Perry brand name and his famous Polo- all colors and sizes of previous seasonal items- like; shorts and pants mostly for men.

Gant Flydocks

Via Valprato, 68
Tel 01-1231402
Tues-Sat 10-7
Save 30-60%

American brand name Gant, items of sport and casuals, jeans, sweats, polo, and jackets, t-shirts and accessories galore.


Corso Toscana, 13-15
Tel 01- 1730231
Venaria Reale (To)
Tues-Sat 10-730 Mondays 3-730

Exit at Venaria from the Tangenziale (Bypass) of Torino. As soon as you exit, turn right towards Torino and follow the indications for the ”Stadio delle Alpi.” The store is one kilometer from the exit, near the Auchan of Venaria.
Save 30-60%

For youngsters in search of duffle bags and sporty outfits, luggage, trekking and tennis shoes. It’s a small shop promising 50-60% discounts during sale times.

Via Foggia, 42
Tel 01-12617850
Torino (To)
Tues-Fri 10-730 Mondays 1230-730 Saturdays 930-730
Save 30-80%
From Highway A$, at the Torino exit, enter Corso Guilio Cesare—after 4 kilometers, swerve left for Corso Brescia

Lanificio Luigi Colombo
Via Novara, 263
Tel 01-638-32373
Romagnano Sesia (No)
Everyday 10-7 Fri-Sun 930-730 and Mondays 3-6
From highway A26, exit at Romagnano Sesia
Save 30-40%

A paradise for lovers of soft wool! From cashmere to camel hair and alpaca mohair. These materials are worked in a million diverse and artistic ways. Blazers, pullovers for men in double cashmere or cashmere with silk—and men and woman’s shoes. Gloves in silk and cashmere.

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