Shooting in Rome

Shooter near Rome kills 3 and then takes his life

It happened on Sunday, June, 14h in Ardea. While the situation developed, investigators didn’t know much. With the unfortunate ending, here’s what we know so far.

Shooting in Rome

What happened during the shooting in Rome

The first reports of shots fired began yesterday, June 13th, at around lunchtime. The media on site and the neighbors reported shots fired in the town of Ardea, near Rome. One man had shot two little kids and an 74-year old man. The kids were in critical conditions, but the rescuers took too long to arrive. Unfortunately, the two brothers David and Daniel (5 and 10 years old) died soon after.

So did the 74-year old man, who at first was believed to be the grandfather. Although conflicting witnesses reported he was a passerby, simply cycling at the wrong place and wrong time. After the shooting in Rome, the suspect locked inside a nearby apartment.

The police showed up with a negotiator, ready to get him out. But they were also ready to go in by force, if necessary. The investigators tried reaching out, with no luck. When they breached the door, they found the suspect dead, by suicide.

With the situation under control, the police started looking into the shooting. And here’s what they’ve found out so far.

The identikit of the shooting in Rome killer

The suspect of the shooting in Rome finally has a name: 35-year old Andrea Pignani. Him and his mother were neighbors of the two little brother’s family. Pignani had a degree in engineering, but he was unemployed. One year ago he attacked his mother and he underwent therapy. His father was a security guard and he died in 2020. His legacy? The gun Pignani used to kill three people.

Neighbors saw that gun too often. In fact, they remembered Pignani taking the weapon anytime there was an issues or discussion in the neighborhood. He liked to wave it around, making everyone feel unsafe. And they did feel unsafe, so much so that the neighbors reported this to the police. But no one eve came until it was too late.

The president of the association Colle Romito, Romano Catini, confirms that everyone knew.

“He came here a few moths ago and he was trouble right away,” Catini said to ANSA, “sometimes he would shot in the air. When we heard the explosion, we thought it was fireworks. Then we found out it was a gun.” Catini also added that Pignani’s family was knows for its abuse and decay.

Looking for motive

The day started off quiet in Ardea. The two brothers were playing outside of their house, while their father Domenico Fusinato. Fusinato was on house arrest after the police caught him in 2018 due to drug charges. When he heard the shots, the father ran out to hold his kids’ hands. Investigators confirmed that the 74-year old wasn’t the grandfather. His name was Salvatore Ranieri and he was just a passerby.

Investigators are still looking for a motive. The kids’ father was arrested as a member of the gang Triassi. Their rivals are the Spada gang. Hence, the police are looking for a connection, but it seems thin. On the other hand, there are no reports of fights between Pignani and Fusinato. So, revenge doesn’t seem to be the motive. Since Pignati committed suicide, the investigations into his reasons might be difficult.

It was a bloody Sunday in Ardea, near Rome. While the police keep talking to witnesses and investigating into the suspects, people mourn tragic and perhaps avoidable losses. As the story about the shooting in Rome develops, Life in Italy will follow its updates.

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7 months ago

Some people are completely crazy!

7 months ago

It’s so scary, the grandpa was just walking around and got shot

7 months ago

In what world are we leaving, those poor kid didn’t ask anything…