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Sanremo 2021

The Festival of Sanremo 2021 has just started and as for everyone in Italy, we’ll be following the event of Festival di Sanremo as well! Be part of the most famous Italian music festival, and watch with us!

Who are the participants at the Festival di Sanremo 2021?

Sanremo Recap 2021

The first day of Sanremo 2021

Gaia at Sanremo 2021
Maneskin at Sanremo 2021

Maneskin at Sanremo 2021

Francesca Michielin e Fedez Sanremo 2021

Fedez and Francesca Michelin returning on the stage after a long time!

See the History of the Sanremo Festival to learn more about this prestigious music event in Italy!

Everything that has happened on Thursday at Sanremo 2021

Davide Shorty sings ‘Regina’
Fedez and Francesca Michelin – Felicia

The famous Italian song that we all know! Don’t miss the hilarious jump of Fedez! And the lovely gesture from Francesca, that ended up being discussed even in Vanity Fair as she handed over the bouquet of flowers she received to Fedez, saying that once she keeps them, once Fedez should.

Il Volo at Sanremo 2021

Il Volo at Sanremo 2021 with their new song

Unfortunately, the videos are not yet available, however, Il Volo, the winners of Sanremo 2015 were the special guests last night at the Festival of Sanremo 2021. They sang on stage their newest song, Your Love. Get to know the three amazing young singers, il Volo.

Winners of Sanremo Festival 2021

As for the end of te Sanremo Festival in 2021, the winners are Maneskin. You can learn more about the new starts right here. As the second place went to Fedez & Francesca.

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