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Renting a Car in Italy

One great way to see Italy is by car. Not only will you be able to visit a multitude of spots, but you’ll also have control over when and where you stop. Adding freedom and the open road to your Italy trip means a virtually perfect vacation.

Like in the United States, when renting a car in Italy you have to give a date you’ll be picking it up and a date you’ll be returning the vehicle. Most rental companies will allow you to pick up and drop off at two different locations (ie: you can rent a car at the Hertz in Milano Malpensa Airport and drop it off at the Hertz in the Genoa airport). Sometimes airlines and rental car companies, like Ryanair and Hertz, have special agreements or discounts. It is definitely something worth looking into before booking.

Renting a car is not only great fun, but can also be quite economical. In fact, a rental car can be cheaper than any other mode of transport. Renting a car is a good way to explore a new country at your own pace and there are different cars available ranging from the compact and economical for the solo traveler, to larger vehicles to fit a family. Another benefit of rental is that it’s a relatively comfortable way to travel, and quite convenient, too. Many rental agencies will even drive the car to you for pick up.

Remember, when booking your rental car, be sure to ask about unlimited mileage, insurance coverage, coverage for damage, theft security and whether there is 24 hour road side assistance included. Also, you’ll want to know exactly what the company’s rules are about returning the car on time. Every rental agency has different rules and policies so it’s always important to inquire.

What You Will Need to Rent a Car in Italy

  • International Driver’s License or European Driving License
  • Passport / Picture ID
  • Credit Card for Payment

You will also need to be 18 years of age to rent a vehicle in Italy.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to return the car with the same amount of gas you got it with. Also, be sure to check the Internet to find out information about different models, pricing and deals. The biggest car rental companies in Italy are Maggiore, Hertz, Avis and Europacar. When vacationing in Italy, renting a car ahead of time is essential, especially in peak seasons or tourist friendly areas. Booking early also usually means saving cash.

Not Sure What to Say When Renting? Here’s a Sample Dialogue:

Car Rental Agency: Buongiorno, come posso aiutarla? = Good morning, how can I help you?

Client: Vorrei noleggiare una macchina, per favore = I would like to rent a car, please.

Ma sono un po’ preoccupato per come guidare in Italia = But I’m little concerned about driving in Italy.

Non so tutte le regole del traffico là = I don’t know all the traffic rules there.

CRA: Deve solo seguire le regole stradali ed andrà tutto bene = Just follow the basic rules of the road and you will do fine.

C: Le regole base come non bere e guidare? = Basic driving rule such as Don’t drink and drive?

CRA: Assolutamente, mai bere e guidare! = Absolutely, never drink and drive.

Comunque abbiamo differenti modelli: macchine piccole, medie o station wagon che vanno per la maggiore per la famiglia = we have different models: mid-size, full-size or a station wagon, which is very popular for families.

C: Va bene, vorrei una station wagon perchè siamo in quattro = Okay, I would like a station wagon, because we are four.

Quant’è? = What’s the rate?

CRA: 40E. al giorno con chilometri illimitati = 40 Euros per day with unlimited mileage.

C: Per quanto riguarda l’assicurazione? Un’ assicurazione di responsabilità civile e furto? = What about insurance? Third party liability insurance and theft insurance?

We are more drivers… = siamo più guidatori

CRA: La guida dovrebbe essere affidata a chi è titolare della carta di credito e quindi ha garantito il noleggio = Only the credit card holder should be driving, as they have been entrusted with the rental.

Se lei vuole una copertura completa le costerà E3.00 al giorno in più, questa polizza include lacopertura dei danni da collisione ed una assicurazione contro gli infortuni = If you want full coverage insurance it will 3,00E more per day and it includes collision damage waiver and personal accident insurance.

C: Va bene la prendo = All right I’ll take it.

CRA: Per quanti giorni vi serve? = How many days would you like to use it?

C: Per una settimana = For one week

CRA: Di che colore la vuole? = Which color do you prefer it?

C: Non importa, è indifferente = It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same to me.

CRA: Posso vedere la sua patente e la sua carta di credito, per favore? = May I see your driver’s license and credit card please?

C: Va bene la patente internazionale? =  Is International Driving License fine?

R: Si, va bene. Compili il modulo e firmi qui = Yes, it works just fine, please fill out the form and sign here.

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