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MotoGP, The Latest News And Updates Of The 2021 Championship

21 races, 22 riders, and one world title. It’s time to warm up the engines for the MotoGP 2021.

Intro to the sport

The official name is: Grand Prix motorcycle racing. The inaugural season took place in 1949 with the first title going to Lancaster Bomber pilot, Leslie Graham. It included four categories: 125cc, 250cc, 350cc, and 500cc bikes. For the next 25 years, Italian manufacturers dominated. Especially thanks to MV Agusta and Gilera.

By 1961, an innovation swept over the world of motorcycle racing. Indeed, it’s the two-stroke engine that produced 200bhp. The engineer behind this concept (Ernst Degner) joined the Suzuki team. Hence, the Japanese manufacturers starting working towards success. In fact, in 1966 Honda won the 500cc MotoGP. For the next decades, Japanese bikes dominated.

Then, a few changes happened. Including the arrival of Valentino Rossi. Furthermore, four-stroke engines replaced the two-stroke ones and the name MotoGP was born. That’s when the size of premier class MotoGP bikes increased to 990cc.

And this brings us to this year’s championship. And there’s tons of battles to fight.

Welcome to MotoGP 2021

The first race takes place on March, 28th, in Qatar. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s new for 2021

Firstly, the eight-time world champion Marc Marquez won’t participate in the first two races. Last season, he had a serious accident and the doctors didn’t clear him for racing. Rider Stefan Bradl is supposed to be the substitute.

A big question mark is Andrea Dovizioso, who had a difficult divorce with Ducati. He’s expected to join the MotoGP 2021 later on in the season, onboard the Aprilia. And, finally, the Doctor. Despite the difficulties of the past, Valentino Rossi hasn’t given up on Yamaha. His 2021 motorcycle looks fast and Rossi is positive.

Will 2021 be his year, finally? Only time will tell.

MotoGP, the races and results

This year, Life in Italy will follow the racing championship. Find out all the news and updates below. It’s time to have fun. We are also following the Formula 1 championship here.

Ninth race: Assen, Netherlands

Yamaha gains the first two places on the podium with Quartararo and Vinales. The Suzuki of Mir closes the podium. After a fall during qualifying, Marquez ended 7th. Unfortunately, it was another dark day for Rossi, who fell and could finish the race.

Eight race: Sachsenring, Germany

Great comeback for the Spanish champion Marc Marquez, who gained his first win after almost one year. Even his fellow mates were happy to see him back on the highest step of the podium. Second came Oliveira and third Quartararo. Unfortunately, Valentino Rossi ended 14th, confirming a negative streak.

Seventh race: Catalogna, Spain

Oliveira took the victory, this time. Followed by Zarco and Miller. However, it was a bad race for a lot of riders. In fact, after a 3-second penalty, Quartararo ended up sixth (when he had the lead). It was even a worse weekend for Rossi and Marquez, both victims of falls.

Sixth race: Mugello, Italy

After the tragic death of Jason Dupasquier, the MotoGP ran to honor him. This time, Quartararo took the win, right in front of Oliveira, and Mir ended the podium. Valentino Rossi had a better race, since he ended 10th.

Fifth race: Le Mans, France

Another disappointing race for Rossi, who ended 11th. But another triumph for Ducati, with Miller and Zarco first and second. Quartararo ends the podium.

Fourth race: Jerez, Spain

The Ducati triumphs! The first won to cross the finish line is Miller, followed by Bagnaia, another Ducati driver. Third on the podium, the Italian rider Morbidelli. Mark Marquez, at his second 2021 race, ends 9th. Meanwhile, another disappointing race for Valentino Rossi, 17th at the finish line.

Third race: Portugal

This was the podium: Quartararo, Bagnaia, and Mir. Unfortunately, Rossi fell and he couldn’t end the race. But the big news is the return of Mark Marquez, absent for nine months due to an injury. The GP champion ended seventh, not at all a bad result.

Second race: Doha

Two Frenchmen on the podium: first Quartararo and second Zarco. Martin completes the top three. Another unlucky race for Valentino Rossi, who ended up 16th. Bagnaia ended the race 6th, the best among all Italian riders.

First race: Qatar

Vinales take the win onboard his Yamaha, while the two Ducati of Zarco and Bagnaia complete the podium. Rossi, unfortunately, only 12th.

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1 year ago

I can’t wait to see Marc Marquez come back on the track !

1 year ago

I can’t wait to see Marc Marquez come back on the track !

1 year ago

MV Agusta and Gilera are the best Bikes in our days !