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Miu Miu Designer Brand – The Prada’s little Sister 2021 Shoe Collection Revealed

For those who don’t know, Miu Miu is an Italian high fashion clothing and accessory brand fully owned by the Subsidiary of Prada. Additionally, Miu Miu collections are loved mostly for their avant-garde and provocative style. They are inspiring a unique style of power to all those who wear them. All the models feature detailed attention and quality proof. The designs evoke a sense of freedom in a classic style.

The Birth of Miu Miu Collections – A future Kaleidoscope of Fashion

Miu Miu was born in 1993, as “Prada’s little sister”. It is a tangible expression of the energy conveyed by women’s natural contradictions and provocative personalities to contemporary society.

Miu Miu  SpringCollection 2021
Miu Miu shop in 1993 – Photo from Pinterest

Of course, at Miu Miu, the characterful result that they are trying to deliver is the sensual and intellectual flair. They are allowing room for youth and the carefree soul of the ones who wear them. That is why the brand has proven to be much more than just a designer brand’s sibling. They had made the public grow appearing year by year in fashion weeks around the world with their awesome collections.

Uniquely, the brand has become truly iconic. Everything that Muccia said about the reasons for launching the brand came into being just right. The extreme and playful style, juxtaposing the established minimalism of Prada was the best originality idea.

While playing with the kaleidoscopic nature of fashion, this workshop is the best experimentation playground for spontaneous creativity.

A brand for all ages – From Minimalism to Playful

Miu Miu SpringCollection 2021

The Beautiful Miu Miu collection conveys the essence of conscious and emancipated women. It is illustrating the most rebellious and seductive core of contemporary feminity.

Moreover, Miu Miu strives to be an inclusive brand that promotes female empowerment and equality. Their specialty is having a fashion line for all ages, especially for youths.

The price range of the Miu Miu designs varies while they are designed especially for young and daring wearers, especially young women, staying in the same price range as Prada.

Miu Miu Shoe Collections – Entirely made In Italy

Miu Miu SpringCollection 2021
Miu Miu store in Milan – Photo from Augur

In addition, a new shoe collection from Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu line always unleashes a frenzy of anticipation in the fashion world, directly from Italy. The recent reveal of the Miu Miu Spring 2021 Shoe Collection is no different. The line is pure Miu Miu: Imaginary Sports Palace, mixing sportswear archetypes with feminine tropes.

Regardless of the occasion, Miu Miu’s pair of shoes are always matching. No matter your ensemble the event, from twilight nights to outdoor activities, the models will always the best choice because of the multitude of playful prints, dazzling embellishment, and the brand’s aesthetic. The size line at Miu Miu is running true ones, all being in Italian sizes.

Types and Models

Miu Miu SpringCollection 2021

Firstly, the Miu Miu shoe collection of 2021 is based on the examination of the earliest years, today’s label reflecting simplicity and silhouette, the consciousness of the body. The main focus is the exploration of a meeting point between sportswear and fashion. This aim finds harmony in the duality of people. Contemporary moods of the sneakers to the romantic charm of ballerinas and the feminine sandals and pumps give the first reason to explore this collection.

Likewise, it also delivered a ton of wearable, and decidedly classic, looks. the Miu Miu aesthetic–that little extra visual interest and desire to change the ordinary into something extraordinary makes the ones who wear them get a conversation piece with personality.


Again, the 60’s silhouette is back!  These beautiful and classic patent leather pumps hold a combination palette regarding the style nowadays.  The strap with the chain is the sophisticated detail around this model.

Miu Miu Shoe Collection for Spring 2021 featuring Pumps – Photo from Miu Miu


Whenever you want to get distinguished, these patent leather sneakers from the 2021 spring collection will make you shine as bright as the stylish metal toecap decorated with crystals that these sneakers hold. The shoe stares the logo on the tongue using leather lining sole.

Miu Miu SpringCollection 2021
Miu Miu Shoe Collection for Spring 2021 featuring Sneakers – Photo from Miu Miu


Minimalist style is directly exposed by these leather high heel sandals along with their crystal band. This pair stands out especially for its platform and sparkling crystal strap on the instep.

Miu Miu Shoe Collection for Spring 2021 featuring Sandals- Photo from Miu Miu


These booties are strongly characterized by the rubber Monobloc sole they held, along with the feminine intrigued design. As well as the name, these technical patent booties are what you need when you apply for a heels-and-dress outfit to freshen your spring look.

Miu Miu SpringCollection 2021
Miu Miu Shoe Collection for Spring 2021 featuring Boots- Photo from Miu Miu


These denim espadrilles are all you need when you want to have a cool night! The design, the leather and cord insole, along the crystal embellishment offer a casual night out look for every youth that wears it.

Miu Miu Shoe Collection for Spring 2021 featuring Espadrilles- Photo from Miu Miu

Always the best choice

Whether you prefer mile-high heels or keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, the new Miu Miu shoe line has something for you. This collection has something especially for all those enamored with the minimalist.

Miu Miu SpringCollection 2021
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3 years ago

What i like on this collection is that everyone can find something they like, there is so many different model 🙂

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I really like their collection i think it’s very trendy