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Sexy Italian-Made Men’s Underwear

So many times we only notice women’s undergarments. There’s not a

lot of focus put on men’s boxers or briefs. That’s unfortunate. A great

pair of underwear is a solid foundation to fashion. It must comfortable

and durable, at the very least. Hopefully, it makes the man feel sexy

too. In this article, we’ll take a peek underneath and check out these

fantastic pieces of Italian-made men’s underwear.

Thesemens underwear and undergarments

aren’t any old tightey-whiteys. They’re underwear Gianfranco Ferre style.

This white boxer fits the model like a glove. They’re 95% cotton and

5% spandex. They gently cup the undercarriage and create a lean, sleek

line that is very sexy. Don’t you agree?

Thismens underwear and undergarments

boxer-brief from Roberto Cavalli is fantastic. It’s 95% cotton/5% elastane.

It moves with you like a second skin. The interior is partially lined.

There’s a great stitch detail on the waist; and, the eye-catching pattern

on this light-gray underpants is just wonderful. This is an undergarment

that’s made to take center stage, wouldn’t you agree?

Guccimens underwear and undergarments

brings us these cotton briefs. They’re black but there’s nothing basic

about them. I love the way they frame the body. They highlight and enhance

the male form. These can be worn under jeans, suits or regular casual

shorts. They’re a versatile piece that’s sexy and stunning.

Emporiomens underwear and undergarments

Armani proves that they know more about men’s clothing than just suits

with this bikini-style brief. It looks almost like a swim trunk. It’s

got a snug fit and a great stretch-waistband that’s supportive without

being too constrictive. The cotton-blend is breathable and can be worn

under a variety of different outfits and in just about any weather (or



mens underwear and undergarmentsfinal

piece I’ll talk about in this article is this basic gray boxer from

Versace. It’s form-fitting and snug – but not too snug. It’s 100% cotton.

You can’t get more comfortable than that. The white detail provides

a great contrast to the dark gray color of the piece. I bought a bunch

of these for my husband. I love them – almost as much as he does.

So there you have it: some sexy, practical and durable underwear

from Italian designers. These pieces prove that style starts from the

inside out!

By Domenica DiPiero

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