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Life after Covid: sports welcome back the audience

While races and games didn’t stop because of the pandemic, the live audience did. And it started at the Italian Open of tennis.

Sport events in italy
The audience at the Italian Open 2021. Image via OA Sport.

The Italian government has just approved new Covid-19 rules. And one of them includes sports events in Italy. With a few restrictions, the audience is finally back.

The new rules for sport events in Italy

Before, the public couldn’t enter the games and races. From June 1st, 2021, the rules have changed. In fact, people are allowed back in with a maximum of 1000 for outdoor events and 500 people if the game is indoors. Either way, the venues have to respect a maximum of 25% capacity, not more.

Since the curfew is set at 11 PM, fans will have the chance to get home without any trouble. Meanwhile, the regions categorized as “white” don’t have any curfew at all. These rules apply both to amateurs and professionals, with few specific exceptions for important games, like the soccer final of Coppa Italia. This final will be played on May, 19th.

Another exception was made for the Italian Open tennis, which took place last week. During the quarters and on, a live audience was allowed in. The Foro Italico hosted people up to 25% of its capacity. And they all loved watching the final, Djokovic against Nadal.

Waiting for the soccer European Championship

The tournament will start on June, 11th in Rome. And it will be exactly one month later in Wembley. The games will take place in 11 different stadiums, throughout Europe and even Russia and Azerbaijan. The Roman stadium Olimpico is the only Italian venue in this edition. Finally, the government gave the go-ahead to open the doors to the public. The President of the region Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, shared his enthusiasms on Twitter.

“From our region, full support to the government initiative for Rome. We are ready to start from the health to make sure this big event can be safe. It will be a test for the restart and a window into Italy’s rebirth. We are ready,” Zingaretti wrote.

Thanks to the renewal of Mancini’s contract, the Italian coach, the fans will be able to enjoy a young team. And, hopefully, a winning one. In fact, Portugal won the 2016 edition, while 2020 had to be postponed due to Covid concerns. On June, 11th Italy will face Turkey in the first of three matches. Then, it’s the turn of Switzerland and Wales.

While fans wait for the kickoff, sports events in Italy are ready to restart. During the past year, many races and games had empty bleachers. Like the Formula 1 Imola Grand Prix and the basketball playoffs. Hopefully, supporters of Ferrari will be able to see the Monza race live, set to take place on September, 12th, 2021.

The industry of sports isn’t just about entertainment. Indeed, it’s also about boosting the economy. And these latest Covid rules might be a way to restart, after the empty stadiums and the crisis of the whole sector.

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8 months ago

Finally we will be able to go to the match, as a big supporter i was waiting this for a long time 🙂

8 months ago

I’m happy to see the normal life coming back !