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Gucci Garden Archetypes
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Let’s take a look at the Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibit

It juts opened in Florence. It features the works of Alessandro Michele. It’s the best of Gucci campaigns.

Gucci Garden Archetypes
Gucci Garden Archetypes opens in FlorencePhoto: Agnese Bedini / Courtesy of Gucci

Fashion lovers can’t miss this multimedia experience. The exhibit features the best from Gucci’s past campaigns (with a focus on the last six years). And the creative manifest of Alessandro Michele. Indeed, it’s the fashion-forward Gucci Garden Archetypes.

Inside the exhibit

As Vogue writes, this exhibit “recreates the sets of 15 of the most conceptually adventurous and visually impactful advertising campaigns envisioned by Michele in his six and a half years at the helm of the Italian label.”

Visitors go from hall to hall and room to room, enjoying wallpapers with hand-painted graffiti and a floor-to-ceiling glass-shelved room. Plus, there are 1,400 cased butterflies, tons of stuffed toys, and 182 cuckoo clocks. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy 420 pairs of sneakers and 110 period wigs.

“We’ve brought Gucci on a crazy tour into uncharted territories of dream and poetry,” Michele said during the press conference.” And the team of Gucci is happy with the results, as the words of CEO Marco Bizzarri prove. “I’m in love with what Alessandro does, as he keeps surprising me.”

Gucci Garden Archetypes
Alessandro Michele. Image via.

One of the many surprises of Gucci Garden Archetypes is the red bathroom that takes inspiration from the spring 2016 campaign. It’s the replica of a bathroom of a Berlin nightclub, where Gucci shot the campaign. It’s a rebellious concept, like most of Michele’s work. He’s not a futuristic artist, but someone who brings to light details that already exist. The Gucci creative director likes challenges and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

”For me, fashion narrates the exact moment which we’re going through; it obviously contains the seed of the future, because the present is the only possible future we know,” Michele said, “ the great power of Gucci is that it’s been able to include and channel the emotional point of view of an enormous variety of people. It’s something that’s almost magical.”

Surely, this is a playground of emotions, designed for fashion lovers. But not only for them. It’s an exhibit for people who love anything beautiful. And that makes a lasting statement.

How to visit Gucci Garden Archetypes

The exhibit is at the Gucci Garden in Florence. It’s right in Piazza della Signoria, the city’s historic center. Here are the useful information for fashion buffs:

  • The exhibit is open from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm. It’s free of charge and you don’t need to reserve.
  • Instead, you need to reserve if you visit during the weekend or national holidays. It’s still open from 10am to 7pm.
  • You can reserve at: [email protected] or at the phone number +3905575927010

Remember that is still mandatory to wear a mask indoors and to respect the distancing rules. You can also visit the Gucci Garden museum online, with a virtual tour. The digital experience takes you through Archetypes, the Bookstore, and the Boutique. So you can plan your shopping before arriving in Florence.

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3 years ago

Gucci always have amazing idea for promotion 🙂

3 years ago

Woaw it is amazing, i wish i could go there to see it in real !