divorcing at 93 years

It’s never too late to restart – 93 years old man divorcing his wife

A man in Arezzo, Italy has decided to get divorced from his wife. He is 93, while she is 86. It looks like despite their age, he decided that it’s never too late to start over. The 90-year-old pensioner from Arezzo decided to go through with this divorce, not caring what his children or grandchildren say.

The reason for this divorce is one that happens with even the most well-established marriages, the appearance of a third person. This other woman is more or less the same age as the couple, whom the 93-year-old encountered in a cultural circle and well, with whom he fell madly in love with.

As you can imagine, the 86-years-old wife didn’t take it well. So much, that she first completely denied the consensual separation. Then, eventually, she had to give in to the pressure and last Thursday the joint decision arrived of ending a long marriage like this.

While the wife the past weeks was ignoring his husband’s will, the 93-year old man asked his lawyer to start the paperworks anyway. He said “I want my freedom back. I want to rebuild my life”.

The attempt of the couple’s children to make the elderly father give up on his plan was also useless. The retiree wanted at all costs to be free, to live the love story with another woman. It seems like between a dance and a game of cards they have already decided to also move in together.

Since the wife didn’t want to get divorced, the case ended up on the table of the president of the court of Arezzo. In the end, after tiring meditation with the two spouses, he managed to formulate a proposal that both accepted. She, the 86-years-old ex-wife will keep the usufruct of their house in Arezzo. The 93 years-old ex-husbands will leave their home and he’ll pay a monthly allowance of 300 euros.

Initially, things seemed to have to go on for a long time due to Covid and health problems of the ex-wife. She asked for postponement of the hearing for the divorce, but as this could’ve take a long time, the 93-year-old man accepted the conditions proposed, so they can move on.

With last Thursday’s dispute, if the 93-years-old does not change his mind, in six months he will be able to file the divorce request. A story that proves that it’s never too late to start over?

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1 year ago

another prove that It’s never to late to change our situation

1 year ago

If he want to restart his life it’s never too late lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Paul