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Italy wins over Switzerland and goes to the next round

After two goals of Locatelli and the third by Immobile, Italy is ready for the next phase.

After the tournament’s explosive start in Rome, Italy wins against Switzerland. It’s a team that makes Italians dream of better, shinier times. And that makes Italians believe that anything is possible. Even taking over teams like England and the Netherlands.

Italy wins its second match

After the win agains Turkey at the Euro 2020 inauguration, the team raised hopes. And it took fans, experts, and viewers back to the golden ages of Italy, like the World title in 2006. The national team is young, talented, and it’s not afraid of running.

The match started with the right foot (no pun intended), as Chiellini scored. But the goal was cancelled by the referee and his assistants at the technology VAR. In fact, Chiellini touched the ball with his arm. Almost right away, the players also had to leave the field because of muscle pain.

Still, the team didn’t lose its compass. Instead, it pushed forward. Until Locatelli scored the first goal. From the moment on, Italy didn’t stop. Not until Locatelli made his second goal and Immobili put the cherry on top of the evening with the third goal.

This is the second time that Italy wins at Euro 2020. Both times, the team scored three times. Is it too soon to call it a pattern? Perhaps a winning streak. The last match of the group phase will tell. That’s when Italy will face Wales. TheUK team has a total of 4 points, thanks to its tie against Switzerland and its win against Turkey.

For now, Italy is the leader of group A, with 6 points. Switzerland has one point, while Turkey is still at zero after its two losses. Still, the Italian team is mathematically going to the next phase of the tournament. The result of the match against Wales will tell who the opponent will be.

Watch: Italian fans going crazy in Rome

While live audience can enter the Stadium Olimpico in Rome, the capability is of 16,000 viewers. And this also includes fans from the opposing team. So, the city has installed a maxi screen in Piazza del Popolo, where supporters can gather to watch the game together, scream together, and wave the tricolor flag.

You can watch their reactions to the goals in the video below!

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1 year ago

This championship is full of surprises 😁

1 year ago

The next round will be harder but let’s stay calm

1 year ago

Italy is on the path for the cup guys I tell you this!