Italy cable car crash

Italy cable car crash, what we know so far

After the initial shock, investigators have identified people responsible. Because this wasn’t an accident.

Italy cable car crash

The tragedy of the Mottarone caused 14 deaths. After the first reports and rumors, there was uncertainty. But details are becoming clearer. Here’s what we know about Italy cable car crash.

The investigations

From the first moment, it was clear that this wasn’t a random (if painful) accident. The first investigators on the scene reported that the cable gave out. But how could that happen? The security system has a brake that goes off in case of emergency. When activated, it prevents the cable cars from crashing and falling. It causes fear in the passengers, but not casualties.

So investigators started looking into why the emergency brake didn’t work. With punctual and trusted maintenance, this could never happen. In a few days, the police had three persons of interest. They are:

  • Gabriele Tadini, the head of the cable car service
  • the manager, Luigi Nerini
  • Enrico Perocchio, the director of the cable car

So far, Tadini admitted to tampering with the brakes to avoid any disruption of the cable car. While investigations continue, all three aren’t custody. They are at home, while the police look into their messages and communications prior to the Italy cable car crash.

Looking into Italy cable car crash

Still, investigators are looking into other people, including the workers of the Mottarone. In fact, Tadini might not have acted alone. Two questions are crucial: who put the devices (called “ceppi” in Italian) that stopped the emergency brakes? And when? The employees defend themselves. And their declarations to both police and the judges are aleady public.

”Us, the workers, we had nothing to do with this,” said Emanuele Rossi, a worker on duty the day of the tragedy, “they said we should have refused to put the ‘ceppi’ in, but we take orders from the head of the service and no one anticipated a danger like this.” Then, the revelation. “The ‘ceppi’,” said Rossi, “had been on for over three weeks.”

The reports on malfunctions

Investigators are still looking into the causes of the accident. In particular, if there is a connection between the brakes and the malfunctions. In fact, Tadini reported something was wrong with the security system. The theory to check is if these specific issues caused the cable car to block. And it disrupted the service so much that the head of service decided to place the devices on parts of the cable. Hence causing the cable to be weaker. When the cable gave out, nothing could stop the free fall of the cabin.

Then, another revelation.

The video that shook it all

Back in Germany, the TV station ZDF received videos from a Swiss man, named Maier He shot the images between 2014 and 2018, apparently when he was visiting the Mottatone for “technical purposes”. The video show that the emergency brakes were already deactivated in 2014.

While investigators aren’t making any official statements about this development, the first revelations are worrying. Maier said that, after hearing about the Italy cable car crash, he re-watched the video and “I realized that the stopping devices are already in place. Already in 2014, these devices were used with passengers onboard.”

If investigators confirm what appears in the images, more people might have to answer difficult questions. One day, they will also have to answer to Eitan.

Eitan, the only survivor of the Italy cable car crash

This might be the only good news out of the Italy cable car crash at the Mottarone. After days in the ICU, the 5-year old from Israel is safe. Doctors aren’t worried for his survival anymore. But it’s time for recovery. He’s getting better and better and there is optimism for the young boy who lost his parents, the little bother, and the great-grandparents. He will have wounds to heal, but at least Eitan is safe.

The latest updates on Eitain: he has finally left the hospital and he has reunited with his aunt, who hopes to adopt him.

With new developments almost daily, Life in Italy will follow the tragedy of the cable car crash in Mottarone. Read the latest news here.

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1 year ago

This story gives me goosebumps 😳

1 year ago

Hopefully the kid is alive, what a life he will have… I hope everything will be ok for him

1 year ago

This event is crazy, those people were really in the wrong place at the wrong moment…