Covid restrictions in Italy

Italy and Covid: the June updates

What’s new in the country? Here are all the latest developments, for travelers too.

Covid restrictions in Italy
Covid rules and vaccines in Italy.

Without a doubt, the country had a difficult time tackling the virus. But things have been changing and Covid restrictions in Italy are less severe. Also, thanks to the vaccination campaign.

The vaccination campaign

The speed of vaccinations has been crucial in the re-starting of the country. Since June 1st, the reservations and spots are open to anyone who wants a dose. Finally, age doesn’t matter. And the youth showed up. During the past weekend, there have been over one million doses given to Italians, an all-time record.

For example, in Piedmont over 118.000 young citizens reserved their spot for a vaccination. As soon as the system launched, it crashed with all the requests. Same story in Sicily, a region that has opened the vaccinations to the over 16. In two weeks, it counted over 10.000 reservations. In the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, the reservations opened at 8am. By 12pm, there were already 29.831 bookings for people between 16 and 39.

The governor of the region Massimiliano Fedriga, said, “it’s a comforting sign that allows us to be optimistic on reaching the goals of the vaccination campaign.” Optimistic, indeed. And that’s why Covid restrictions in Italy are relaxing.

Covid restrictions in Italy are improving, here’s why

The numbers of the vaccination campaign can help understand why. As of June 7th, 2021, the country had administered 38.178.684 doses. Of these, 13.028.350 Italians have received both doses. That’s the 24% of the population over 12.

The delivery of the vaccines also sped up. In fact, between April and May, Italy received 28,3 million of vaccines. The goal is to vaccinate the 80% of the population by the end of summer, but the goal might be reached sooner.

Thanks to these numbers, the death and contagion rate has dropped significantly. The numbers of June 6th show that the rate of positivity was down to 1%, with only 2.275 new cases and 50 deaths. So, people are still dying of Covid, but the scary statistics of 2020 are ancient memory.

The new rules

From June 1st, bars and restaurants can welcome guests indoors. Inside, there is still a limit of six people per table, but it’s something people can manage. Of course, outdoors dining will be popular this summer. Stores and venues are open. Although there is a limit of capacity for shows, concerts, and sports games, the public is welcomed back.

Museums and exhibits are also open, like the Uffizi in Florence. There are different rules for different sites, so we suggest travelers check out the official websites. In fact, some places require reservations for weekend visits or there might be a number limit for groups. Anyone planning on traveling to Italy should remember that masks are still mandatory, both indoors and outdoors.

Of course, passengers of trains at main stations (like Milan Centrale) will have to take a quick covid test before boarding. These are the famous Covid-free trains, to travel in safety. And there is still a mandatory Covid negative test 48 hours before arrival.

So, foreign travelers will be able to dine outside, enjoy Italian shopping, and visit their favorite sites. Indeed, Covid restrictions in Italy are becoming less severe. The next steps? Delaying the curfew, opening the night clubs, and vaccinate even more. For a normal and happy summer.

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7 months ago

Maybe this page of the book will be soon over 😉

7 months ago

The vaccination campaign is working good!

7 months ago

I think it’s a good sign for the future