Italian for Beginners, Learn Italian

Italian for Beginners

Learning Italian Italiano : Questa sezione di Learning Italian contiene varie espressioni idiomatiche, attraverso le quali potrete acquisire competenze linguistiche sufficienti per capire facilmente una conversazione e comunicare con altre persone in un paese di lingua italiana. Qui troverai facili vocaboli, idiomi e canzoni. Studiare con noi l’italiano sarà un’esperienza […]

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Italian for the Phone

In today’s lesson you’ll learn useful phrases for dealing with phone calls, so you can gain confidence with it. Public telephones are available throughout Italy and you can use phonecards which can be purchased at bars, post offices or tobacconists, even if the most part of the people use their  […]

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Arithmetical Calculations

Don’t panic, I don’t want to teach you arithmetics! Instead, I’d like to help you learn how to talk about some of the easy arithmetical operations that apply in our daily life. Arithmetics is the oldest and simplest branch of mathematics, used by almost everyone. It is practiced daily by […]

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How to Express a date in Italian

  Years and Centuries Italiano: 1 gennaio 2011 gg/mm/aa (d/m/y – North Americans generally place the month first) ° day wrote in Western numbers ° month expressed with letters or with numbers ° year, wrote in full length For example: 4.6.80 = 4 giugno 1980 = June 4th,1980 il 1 febbraio 1981 […]

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