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How can tourists and visitors get a covid test in Italy?

The Covid-19 pandemic that has held the world hostage during the last 18 months is finally starting to be under control, and we can start to plan a holiday abroad after a terrible 2020. However, the disease is not completely erased and we still need to take some precautions. One of them is taking a Covid test before hopping on the flight back home. So how can you get a covid test in Italy? Let’s see!

How can you get a Covid test in Italy?

As you probably already know, you will need to prove you are either fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or that you aren’t sick with the disease. Every country has its own rules and to-dos about which tests you need before traveling somewhere. Therefore, you might get confused when you already are in a foreign country and you need to get Covid tested. But don’t worry: in Italy, tourists can usually undergo a Covid test at the airport and in many medical facilities. You might do some calls, but you will solve everything pretty easily. You will currently need a Covid test in Italy only if you haven’t had your vaccine. Remember that there’s a fee for them.

How covid tests work in Italy, what types of tests are there?

Let’s first find out what types of Covid tests you can take in Italy. There are currently two Covid tests available, the molecular test and the antigenic test. They are both swab tests: the first one is the most complete, its results come out in about 48 hours and it’s 77€; the second one is the so-called “rapid test”. Its results will come out in about an hour, it’s a Covid test you can take in the majority of airports and it’s 25€. What if you get an antigenic test but you come out as positive to Covid-19? Then you will need to take a molecular test to confirm the diagnosis because it’s more accurate.

Do you need a covid test to visit Italy?

If you want to visit Italy, you will need to prove either that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or that you are negative for the disease if you didn’t receive your shots. You will need a certificate from your local hospital or doctor, or you can apply for the Covid Green Pass EU Certificate if you are vaccinated; otherwise, you can get tested for Covid at the airport or in the designated places in your country.

If you want to get a Covid test in Italy, you can call your Embassy or Consulate for information (each country has its rules and procedures) or have a look at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. They constantly update it with the latest directives.

If you’re already vaccinated, do you still need a test to travel to Italy?

If you are already vaccinated you don’t need a test but you still need a form to prove you are, indeed, shielded against Covid-19. You can download it here: Italian nationals returning to Italy and foreigners in Italy ( It’s the Ministry page on the Covid Green Pass. You can obtain it both electronically and with a paper form should you not own a device.

What is Covid Green Pass?

Covid Green Pass is a document – or a QR code if you choose to download it on your mobile device – which proves that you aren’t infected with Covid-19. The government releases it on three different occasions: one if you have had Covid-19 and you healed. Two, if you have been tested and proved negative for the disease. Three, if you have completed your vaccination cycle. See the link above for more information and how to obtain the Covid Digital Green Pass.

How to get a covid test if you’re a tourist in Italy?

If you need to get a Covid test in Italy, you can call your Embassy or Consulate for information. Otherwise, there are several tourist-friendly websites offering important tips and even a booking service. The most complete is Swab Test For Covid-19 | Book Online | Doctors In Italy. You can also get a Covid test in the majority of Italian airports. However, you should make sure that your airport is on the list.

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