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Euro 2020 opens in Rome with fireworks and Bocelli

The European soccer championship has started. Italy launched this year’s edition.

The Euro 2020 inauguration has style, music, and a message to send. Directly from the Olimpico Stadium in Rome, drummers, dancers, and kids launched this year’s edition. Then the Italian soccer team made fans dream. Indeed, the national team kicked off Euro 2020 with a bang.

Watch: the Euro 2020 inauguration

Two former Italian soccer champions officially launched the evening. One was the former Rome player Francesco Totti and the other was Alessandro Nesta, who played for Milan. They saluted Rome and Europe with a smile, introducing the Police’s orchestra and cavalry. They played Guglielmo Tell by Gioacchino Rossini. Indeed, they set the tone for an evening of battle.

After them, the 16,000 spectators welcomed the show of balls, each symbolizing the 24 countries of Euro 2020. With drummers playing in the air and a gracious dancers, the fireworks came. And they came big, in every imaginable color and noise. Surely, they woke up the few people who were still sleeping.

Then, the big surprise, the moment everyone was waiting for. In walks Andrea Bocelli, elegant and classy. And enchanting as usual. He didn’t need any presentation.

Bocelli plus fireworks is an unmissable show. And the flying dancer, of course, suspended in the warn summer air. After this moment of silence, it was time to launch the anthem of the European championship. This time, DJ Martin Garrix and Bono Vox played from a streaming platform. Still, they made people dance.

We are the people we’ve been waiting for
Out of the ruins of hate and war
Army of lovers never seen before

After the last fireworks, it was time for the inaugural game: Italy vs Turkey.

Italy wins the inaugural game

A lot of hopes rest on the shoulders of the Italian team. And Mancini’s boys didn’t disappoint. In the second half, they took control of the match. And they won, thanks to an auto-goal and the goals of Insigne and Immobile. Without a doubt, the Euro 2020 inauguration brought luck and focus to the team.

Now it’s time to keep pushing.

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1 year ago

From now we will see a lot of football in every bars lol

1 year ago

I hope Italy will do a good performance and participate to the World Cup this time

1 year ago

The oppening was amazing!