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Elisa Amoruso
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Elisa Amoruso: An Italian Director’s Story

Elisa Amoruso is an Italian director and screenwriter best known for her moving films about identity and social norms. She was born in Rome in April 1981 and grew up in a creative family with a love of various art forms. In order to pursue and cultivate her dreams, she studied film direction at Rome’s Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. She turned his dreams into an internationally successful career. Fortunately, she did! They would say her film fans, as well as her most ardent fans.
Afterward, she flew to New York City after graduation to continue her studies at the School of Visual Arts. However, before moving to the United States, she earned a degree in Literature.

Elisa Amoruso. An Italian film director
Elisa Amoruso in Rome – 2021 Elisa Amoruso – “Time is up” Red Carpet at Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome Credit

She is a gifted filmmaker whose films have received critical acclaim and have been shown at numerous international festivals.
In a 2014 interview with Fabrique du Cinema, Elisa Amoruso revealed her love of photography. It was, she admits, her first source of inspiration. Her father, a camera dealer, introduced her to this world, which turned her professional career on its head. Everything began here, and she attempted to forge his own path. She even got a spot on the photography crew for the second season of the Italian TV series “Boris” during her early years.
In this article, we will look at her career as well as some of her most important and representative works.

Elisa Amoruso’s Career

She began her film career as a screenwriter and assistant director in a number of Italian and international productions. Elisa made her debut in 2009, at the age of 28, with a film shown during the Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week. “Good Morning is the topic at hand.
In 2014, she received a Nastro d’Argento nomination for the documentary “Fuoristrada“.
The National Union of Italian Film Journalists bestows the Silver Ribbon for Best Documentary on an Italian film.
At the national level, however, “Chiara Ferragni – Unposted” was of high quality. The film premiered at the “Venice Film Festival” in 2019 and was released in Italian theaters the following year.

Works of great significance

Fuoristrada (2013)

Elisa Amoruso is the director of this documentary. A delicate love story that knows how to make people smile, reflect, and tug at their heartstrings. Pino, the protagonist, is a mechanic and rally champion who decides to change his name to Beatrice and become a woman. He then meets Marianna and decides to marry her. A love story with an unconventional family and prejudices. A film capable of exposing the protagonists’ inner demons. The critics praised this production because the director avoided tainting delicate and frequently misunderstood social issues.

Fuoristrada - Elisa Amoruso
The protagonists of “Fuoristrada” credit

Chiara Ferragni – Unposted (2019). Visible on Amazon

Amoruso’s documentary about the well-known entrepreneur and influencer Chiara Ferragni takes viewers behind the scenes of her life and career. The film includes interviews with Paris Hilton and Maria Grazia Chiuri, as well as scenes from the Ferragni family’s adventures. Critics, on the other hand, were extremely critical of the film. It has been described as pure propaganda, with fabricated descriptions and unrealistic depictions of the Ferragni family’s life.

Chiara Ferragni - Unposted
A scene from the film “Chiara Ferragni – Unposted” credit

Maledetta Primavera(2020)

Look out for Elisa Amoruso, who serves as both director and screenwriter.

The plot of the film is outlined in Amoruso’s romance novel “Sirley“. We’re in the 1980s in Rome, and two girls from opposite ends of the globe are destined to meet. Their lives will be changed forever… a deep film that will captivate the audience. “Maledetta Primavera” tells the story of how childhood’s desires and anxieties shape adolescence.

Maledetta Primavera - Amoruso
A scene from “Maledetta Primavera” credit

Time is Up (2021), Game of Love (2022). Visible on Hulu

Visible on Hulu in the US:Time is Up” is a dramatic film about two high school students who fall in love. They are initially incompatible, but eventually, fall in love. The protagonist, Bella Thorne as Vivien, is unquestionably the film’s strongest point. In the United States, a career as an actress, model, and singer.

At the moment, she has three albums out on the Hollywood Records label.
It was a success, and a sequel, “Game of Love“, was released in 2022.

Time is Up
The protagonists of “Time is Up” – Bella Thorne & Benjamin Mascolo credit

Fedeltà (2022)

It’s a six-part television miniseries starring Elisa Amoruso as a screenwriter.

Fedeltà - Elisa Amoruso
A scene from “Fedeltà” credit

Visible on Hulu Elisa directed the Good Mothers ( now online ) Episodes 4,5,6.

Visible on HULU in the US

Nominations and awards

A brief summary of all the stages reached by director Elisa Amoruso so far in her career:

  • Critics’ Special Mention, Best Film Award, and “Young Jury Best Screenplay” Award for the documentary “Fuoristrada” – Social World Film Festival (2014)
  • Audience Award for the documentary “Fuoristrada” (2014)
  • Divergent festivals – Best Documentary and Audience Award for “Fuoristrada” (2014)
  • Zinegoak Festival GLT Film Festival Bilbao – Special Mention for “Fuoristrada” (2014)
  • Aphrodite Women’s Audiovisual Competition for “Terre Stranieri
  • Euganea Film Festival – Credit Gricole FiulAdria Award (2017)
  • Berlinale Series award 73° edition of the international cinema Festival in Berlino for “The Good Mothers” (2023)


  • Doc Award – Finalist for the documentary “Fuoristrada” (2014)
  • Nastro d’Argento – Nomination for best documentary for “Fuoristrada” (2014)
  • Italian Prime Operas – Kineo Prize “Diamonds at the Italian Cinema” for “Maledetta primavera” (2021)
  • Ciak d’oro – Nomination for best film “Maledetta primavera” (2021)

We can only wish her luck and wait for more information about her in the coming years.

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