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Digital Green Pass in Italy and how to get it?

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Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by Helga

Starting from July 1st, the EU community has released a new tool for travelers, the EU Digital Green Pass. The Green Pass is a QR code – or a paper document – certifying that you pose no threat of spreading the Covid-19 disease. You can request it online and it will be released in several scenarios. I will talk about them later. The Covid Digital Green Pass was firstly aimed at EU citizens only but is now available for US, Canada, and Japan travelers as well. It is now considered an essential tool to travel safely all around Europe and, therefore, in Italy as well. Let’s see in more detail when the Covid Green Pass is released, how to request one, and why you should have it.

What is the Digital Green Pass?

The Covid Digital Green Pass is a file you can either keep on your mobile device or print and carry around. You can request it on three different occasions. The first one is if you have had Covid-19 and you healed from it. The second one is if you have completed your vaccination cycle. In this particular scenario, you must wait 14 days after your final dose before requesting the Digital Green Pass. The third case is if you have undergone a Covid swab test and it came out as negative.

Although the European Community is trying to reach an agreement about the requirements, there is still some confusion about what’s needed to obtain a Green Pass. It might take some days to actually get all the needed papers and certificates, depending on where you want to go. For instance, some countries are open to tourists who have received a single Covid shot; other countries (like Italy) will not let you in unless you received both doses or the J&J vaccine. Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, remember to ask your local Embassy for information.

Why do I need the covid Green Pass?

You might need the Green Pass for several reasons. Many airlines don’t allow passengers on their flights if they don’t prove they aren’t infected with Covid-19. In the specific case of Italy, you need the pass to get inside many public structures, hotels included; without the covid Green Pass, you can’t take part in the majority of events such as concerts and movie shows.

The vast majority of European countries don’t open their borders to visitors who don’t own a Green Pass. If you are planning to visit not only Italy but have a tour of Europe, your only option to travel free of hassle is requesting one. It will save you time, money and probably many disappointments. It’s never cool when you have a hotel already booked but you can’t even enter a country, right?

Moreover, the Green Pass is also good for your own health safety. If you stay at places that only allow Green Pass holders, it means that all the people there with you aren’t sick as well! Aren’t these enough reasons to request your own pass and enjoy a Covid-free holiday?

How to obtain your digital Green Pass for Europe?

The Covid Green Pass plan has been developing slowly, and everyone is asking about where and how they can get the Green Pass.

If you’ve been vaccinated, had a covid test, or have developed antibodies for covid, you can obtain the green pass. To get more information about the countries, destinations, and how to get the green pass, you should visit the official EU site for more information. For some European countries, you must fill up the green pass form that the country’s government released. Such in Spain. They have their own Green Pass. In Italy, the European form is used, which again can be found on the official EU site.

On the above-linked website, you can find information if you’re clicking on each country included in the article. There are apps and progress in a collective covid green pass, but so far the countries operate more or less a bit differently. The best way to stay on top of the situation is if you’re visiting (again) the EU official website for this topic, and if you’re looking specifically to visit Italy, I’m linking in for you the Italian government’s covid green pass website.