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Dazzling Jewelry from Damiani: The Italian Jewelry Company, precious around influential figures around the world

Italian Jewelry from Damiani
The Damiani Jewelry Group Logo – Photo from Damiani

If we want to find out quickly what a big role Damiani plays in the Jewelry world, we just need to know that Brad Pitt chose Damiani to make his engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston and their wedding rings. Prince Emmanuel of Savoy also requested the company to make the wedding rings for his marriage to French actress Clotilde Courou. Movie stars, including Isabella Rossellini and Milla Jovovich, have proudly worn their jewelry. Beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow is proud to be their new face. The famous jewelry firm is the epitome of Italian style, elegance, and innovation.

From Actors to Royalty: Damiani’s Brand History in Italy

Italian Jewelry from Damiani
The Damiani Family – Photo from Damianigroup

Damiani was founded by Enrico Grassi Damiani in Valenza. Strongly influenced by the beauty of Art Deco styles, Enrico designed and produced fine jewelry which quickly became renowned. He became the personal jeweler of influential families.

Enrico’s son, Damiano Grassi Damiani began the company in 1924 and introduced new marketing and advertising strategies. Damiani, for example, was the first company to introduce Certificates of Authenticity for jewelry pieces showing the details included in the jewelry, for example, the number of carats.

Since then Damiani has become world-famous and opened stores all over the world. The family business’s Vice-President is Silvia, the granddaughter of Damiani. The company is also run by her mother, Gabriella, and her siblings, Guido and Giorgio. Giorgio told jewelry magazine, Gold Inspirations, that: “Our heart is in Valenza, but our dream is to become an international luxury jewelry brand.”

Bad publicity over the suit between Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt and the jewelry firm doesn’t seem to have affected Damiani’s reputation at all. Indeed, it probably enhanced it by making more people aware of the Italian company and its beautiful jewelry lines.

Italian Jewelry from Damiani
Damiani Wedding Rings Model – Photo from Theluxurycloset

Bad publicity, turned into much more visibility for the Italian Jewelry lines

Surprisingly, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston accused the company of selling imitations of their custom-made wedding rings for $1000.00 each when this was not part of their agreement with Damiani. The case was settled and under the terms of the settlement, Pitt designed jewelry for Damiani while Aniston modeled in ads for the company. This was in exchange for the company’s promise to stop selling copies of their wedding rings.

Prince Emanuel’s wedding rings for his marriage in 2003 were a version of Brad Pitt’s, made by hand in platinum and featured two diamonds on the sides. In fact, Silvia Damiani told Platinum Today that she was very pleased that Prince Emanuel and his bride chose an Italian jewelry maker and that they would be the first to wear the newest version of the D-Side rings.

Moreover, in September 2004 the jewelry firm celebrated its 80th anniversary at the prestigious New York restaurant, Le Cirque, attended by movie stars and the ‘glitterati’. It is very proud to have achieved eighteen Diamonds International Awards, which are very highly regarded. The jewelry collection to celebrate their anniversary features jewelry inspired by each decade of the 20th century. It’s starting with the stunning The Flapper Pendant, a beautiful necklace featuring diamonds and translucent aquamarine.

Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Collection by Damiani Group – A “made in Italy” tag

Some of their newer jewelry collections include Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Collection and their Sophia Loren collection.

Italian Jewelry from Damiani
Damiani Gold Earrings with Tahitian Pearls – Photo from Rebelle

The Tahitian collection featured beautiful black pearls, diamonds, and gold. Damiani has won the Tahitian Pearl Trophy Italy.

Particularly, the Sophia Loren collection was announced by the company some years ago. This was paid as a tribute to the renowned Italian actress, who is a close friend of Silvia Damiani. To explain, Giorgio Damiani told Jewelry Today that: “We wanted to combine our style of classic diamond jewelry with the passion of rose gold, which we used to express her Italian spirit and warmth.”

The modern and innovative Group’s Collections through the years

Damiani’s collections are modern and innovative, yet many are inspired by the Art Deco style of the founder. Silvia Damiani, who designs for the company as well as being its Vice-President, has some favorites. One of these is the pavé style. This style consists of many small diamonds closely together so that they look like a large stone. According to the article at CNN.com, ‘Damiani Makes Diamonds Her Best Friend’. ‘Diamonds set in pavé also lend movement to her art deco-inspired pieces, so they look delicate and embracing.

Italian Jewelry from Damiani
Damiani Jewelry Bracelet collection 2021 – Photo from Damiani
Italian Jewelry from Damiani
Damiani Jewelry Rings collection 2021 – Photo from Damiani
Italian Jewelry from Damiani
Damiani Jewelry Necklace collection 2021 – Photo from Damiani

Significantly, The Group owns the jewelry brands, Damiani, Salvini, which had Sharon Stone as ‘its face, Alfieri & St. John and Bliss, which is designed to appeal to younger people. It recently bought the historic Italian jewelry firm, Calderoni, founded in 1840.

A “made in Italy” tag spread all over the world – All thanks to Damiani’s Italian Jewelry

Italian Jewelry from Damiani
Damiani Jewelry shop in Italy – Photo form Soprana

Moreover, For 3 generations now, the Damiani family has designed and produced precious jewelry for clients from all over the world.  All have watched from early years how a piece of jewelry is being created, the crafting of diamonds and precious stones. In short, they were prepared for this profession from a young age. They learned the family secrets even before they started to work in the company.

The Damiani brand affirms that the reason for their success is their strong identity. This, combined with the skills they achieved during the years, and the originality they put in each design. All these factors, with a great passion, are the ingredients to the products that are delivered to customers from every part of the world.

By Lisa-Anne Sanderson

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If one day i had to put the price on a good jewelry i would probably buy one of them

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Damiani seems to be such a big family in italy, i never heard about them