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Covid Green Pass in Italy

The internal pass expected for the second half of May, more exactly from the 16th of May 2021. In Europe, this will be valid from june. So what is the Covid-19 Green Pass in Italy, and the covid travel pass in the EU? Here’s what to know about covid travel pass in Italy and Europe in the summer of 2021.

Covid travel pass Italy and the EU from June 2021

Transfers in the EU for tourism and free travel in Italy between the regions – from Lazio to Lombardy, from Sicily to Veneto, from Puglia to Friuli – in view of summer 2021. In the meantime, the European Union covid green pass is expected in June. Pending the international ‘pass’ for vaccinated and cured, the ‘national’ green pass will be used in Italy, as premier Mario Draghi recalled at the press conference on the outcome of the G20 Tourism ministerial meeting.

“We must offer clear and simple rules to ensure that tourists can come to us safely. The European Green pass will be ready from the second half of June. In the meantime, the Italian government has introduced a national green pass, which will enter in force since the second half of May “, said the Prime Minister. “Pending the European green pass, the Italian government has introduced a national green pass that will allow people to move between regions”.

In Italy, in the latest reopening decree launched by the government, it is explained that “from April 26, 2021, travel between the different regions in the white and yellow areas is allowed. In addition, people with the ‘green certification’ are also allowed to travel between the Regions and Autonomous Provinces in the orange or red zone “, as stated in the note of the Cdm issued by Palazzo Chigi.

Covid Green Pass in Italy

The reopening decree introduces the vaccination pass tool in perspective, which will make movements in and out of red and orange regions smooth. The document has yet to be defined on the basis of the indications that the Ministry of Health will provide. This covid travel pass is a great step to start wandering again.

In the meantime, what needs to be done for travel from the red and orange zones? Beyond the cases that require self-certification (work, health reasons, emergencies), it is necessary to obtain certification attesting to vaccination (with the second dose received no more than 6 months ago) or the negative outcome of a swab performed no more than 48 hours ago. These requirements also apply to minors, children under the age of two are excluded.

The vaccination pass, included in the decree, will allow people to move “from one region to another even if they are red or orange areas”, explains Palazzo Chigi. The requirements for obtaining the pass, which can also be issued by the family doctor, are illustrated: “Anyone who has completed the vaccination cycle (lasts six months from the end of the prescribed cycle), who has fallen ill with covid can have a green certificate and is cured (lasts six months from the certificate of recovery), who has carried out molecular tests or rapid tests with negative results (lasts 48 hours from the date of the test) “.

Therefore, the pass will be up to those who have been vaccinated and to those who can exhibit a negative molecular swab made within 48 hours prior to the move. The pass is also necessary for minors. Children under the age of two are exempt. “The green certifications issued by the member states of the Union are recognized as valid in Italy. Those of a third state if the vaccination is recognized as equivalent to that valid on the national territory”, sources from Palazzo Chigi announce.

CovidTravel Pass in Europe

Beyond the covid Green Pass in Italy, here are some news about the covid travel green pass in Europe as well!

The European system that will produce the ‘Green Digital Certificates’ (Green Pass) valid throughout the EU will be “technically operational” from June 1st, as a senior EU official recently explained. The practical implementation of the certificate will depend on the negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council, but the aim is to conclude them and to have the regulation in force by “end of June”. At that point, once the regulation has been adopted, the Green Pass will not be “optional”, but “a right” of every EU citizen, by law.

A first large group of countries (France, Malta, Holland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Iceland, and Greece) will start the test phase “around the 10th of May”.

A second group (Latvia, Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, and Slovenia) will start the tests “towards the end of May”, while another five (Hungary, Belgium, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Slovakia) have decided not to participate in the tests and to connect to the platform directly during the implementation phase.

The certificate will certify, through an app with a QR code or in paper format, the vaccination against Covid-19 and the number of doses received, the cure from Covid in the previous six months, and the presence of the relative antibodies (by means of the test) or the negative result of a swab, Pcr or rapid (the technical details on this will be negotiated by the co-legislators). It will then be up to each Member State to establish the entry requirements for its territory: these are exclusively national competencies and the EU cannot impose anything in this field. Can only recommend it.

This is what to know about covid travel pass and the covid green pass in Italy for now. Stay tuned for more news for traveling in Italy in 2021.

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Luciano golia
1 year ago

This entire situation its a complete nonsense, if you are vaccinated there must be no need for a covid test, which are extremely expensive and totally pointless. Also if positive a fully vaccinated person can surely carry the Virus but he s not harmful to other people due to his very low viral charge. This is all Business tests companies are making hundreds of dollars every hour with tests which are costing at the origin a fraction of what we have to pay for. Europe approved the green Pass, I do live in the USA but holding an Italian passport, How do I get this green pass if fully vaccinated in the US?

1 year ago

I live in the US and I am in Italy right now. Anyway I arrived toward the end of April. I had 2 Pfizer vaccines but they still gave me 10 days quarantine. I had to take a $200 Covid test at the airport in the US because the CVS tampon was 2 days old and it was too old to travel. Now since CVS takes 2 to 3 days to deliver the results of the vaccine I was warning to use Walgreen pharmacy instead – Some people travelling with me told me they had their result in one day.

1 year ago

I stay optimistic with the situation, when more people will get vaccined this pandemic will be an old story

1 year ago

CovidTravel Pass looks interesting

John Jay Gebhardt
1 year ago

where do we get the pass? I booked my flight.