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Meet Antonio Canova, a brief introduction

Antonio Canova created unique art during his career. Admired by many and envied by everyone, here’s a brief introduction of this artist.

Inspired by the art of ancient Greece, Antonio Canova merged classicism with contemporary styles. From Venice to Rome, his sculptures captured the attention of the world.

A brief history of Antonio Canova

Canova was born in 1757 and he died in 1822. During his Venetian times, he was influenced by Bellini. When he moved to Rome, he gained more experience and skills. In the capital, Canova studied the human body with specific attention to the female figure. In Rome, he created some of his most famous sculptures: “Love and Psyche” and “The Three Graces.”

He was also famous for his funeral monuments, which he created for celebrities and popes. He used classic styles and lines to portray death in a positive, peaceful light. His work was so famous, he became Napoleon’s official artist.

Amore e psiche by Canova at the Louvre in Paris. Ph. Massimiliano Silipigni on flickr (flic.kr/p/aDdeU2)

Canova was known for his long preparations, indeed he would start work on chalk statues before actually moving to the marble, which allowed him to shape and re-shape his work exactly as he wanted it.

For American readers, it’s interesting to note that Canova was actually the creator of an important monument to President George Washington, as he always had a particular eye for the men responsible for making history. Read about about it here.

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