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Meet Umberto Boccioni, a brief introduction

Discover one of the most famous Futurist artists of Italy. A painter, a sculptor, and much more.

Umberto Boccioni was a “Futurist.” He was one of the most recognized names of this art movement. Here’s a little introduction to his life and career.

The story of Umberto Boccioni

He was lucky. In fact, he traveled all around Italy when he was very young. This gave him the opportunity to study and admire different styles and art forms. He received his diploma in Catania. Later, he traveled to France, Russia, and Germany. These experiences molded him. But they also made him look down on his home country.

However, regardless to his opinions on Italian culture, it is indeed in Milan that he finally found his natural environment and, with other painters, he initiated the Futurist Movement, at the end of the first decade of the 1900’s. His intentions were to break from classical symbolism, and find new ways of communicating through art. He also paid particular attention to the  idea of movement in his paintings and tried to convey real sense of it to subjects which were naturally static.

Boccioni was also a sculptor, but his work was mainly lost and not as appreciated as his paintings. He died very young, because of a banal accident. His sudden death meant he was not to witness the advent and power of Fascism, that so much was inspired aesthetically by his own work and the ideology of Futurism.

Umberto Boccioni
Boccioni in 1914. Image via.
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