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Americas’Cup 2021, despite the loss, Luna Rossa made history

The final result of the sailing race in Auckland, New Zealand, is 7-3 fo the defender team. Still, the Italian champion made history.

America’s Cup 2021

No one can say Luna Rossa didn’t fight for the title. In fact, during the race, the Italian champion fought tooth and nail. After race number 6, the result was 3-3. While the Cup slowed due to weather conditions, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadro won.

This year’s edition was a roller coaster of emotions, for both the teams and the viewers. Still, Luna Rossa made history for Italian sailing. In fact, Friday’s race number 5, the Italian yacht is the first one during the America’s Cup to gain a third success in the race.

Unfortunately, Luna Rossa didn’t make a comeback. Usually, the America’s Cup includes 11 races. The first team to win seven gains the trophy. In case of a 6-6 tie, the teams race the 13th regatta. Since the first team to score seven races, New Zealand won the 2021 edition.

America’s Cup, explained

While we wait for more races, let’s have a look at this ancient tradition.

It all began in 1851. So, this is a tradition for the lovers of sailing. The Cup is a race between two sailing yachts. One is the “defender,” the team that holds that title -and hence has to defend it. While the other is the challenger, ready to take the glory.

For the America’s Cup 2021, the New Zealand team is the defender, at its 36th defense. Although the winning streak goes to the New York Yacht Club, which defended the title from 1857 until 1983.

During the decades of history, this race has seen many competitors and even more changes to its rules. The latest one is the catamaran rule, a change in protocol as well as measurements. The 2016 Cup was also a first. In fact, it was the first one with a fresh water sailing, in Lake Michigan, Chicago.

Do accidents happen? As with any sport, of course.

The latest one on record is the crash of the sailing team American Magic (aka Patriot) during the Prada Cup in January, 2021. The Patriot sail capsized, pulling a wheelie and riding out of the water. Finally, it rolled on its left side. Fortunately, the team came out without a scratch. But the yacht had a hole in the hull, a catastrophe in the sailing world.

The team managed to repair the boat, in time to race the semi-finals of the Prada Cup. Unfortunately for the Patriot, they lost to Luna Rossa. The Italian team went on to winning the competition. Hence, it gained its spot to the America’s Cup 2021, the 36th edition of the race.

Luna Rossa, the Italian sailing champion

America’s Cup 2021
Luna Rossa via Facebook.

Officially, the Italian sailing yacht was born in 1999 from the idea of entrepreneur and sailing lover Patrizio Bertelli. It first joined the racing world one year later, to participate in the Louis Vuitton Cup. And to win it. During the next years, the team changed, evolved, and sometimes it took breaks.

While Luna Rossa has always been a scary rival, its next win dates back to the Prada Cup in 2021. Which leads the Italian yacht to the current America’s Cup 2021. And this could be the victory everyone has been waiting for.

Watch: the streaming of the America’s Cup 2021

The New Zealand team takes the victory.

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